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Friday, 08 August 2008 19:49

Terms of Use

This agreement sets out the terms of service policy applicable to members of Znvj.Com.

Applicants (referred to as 'members') must agree to the following the terms of service. In the event a member breaches or otherwise fails to comply with any provision of any of these the terms of service then in addition to any other remedy available to Znvj.Com, Znvj.Com may terminate the participation of such member and/or may withhold any payments relating to participation in Znvj.Com due to such member from Znvj.Com.

Eligibility Requirements

Znvj.Com may decline the application of any member or thereafter at its own discretion. On signup all information must be accurate and kept up to date. Note all fields must be completed. Accounts will be frozen if information is missing or found to be wrong.

This service is for enterprises and adults only. No one may be a member under the age of 16 years. Any application that is declined will be notified.

Closure of Account

Znvj.Com reserves the right to close a member’s account without reason. The principal cause for removal is for the violation of these terms of service. Znvj.Com reserves the right to immediately terminate an account though may at its discretion temporarily freeze a member’s account. Anyone violating these terms of service forfeits the right to any payments due.

Avoiding Commissions

Once a project has been posted, no commissions or fees are to be negotiated or requested. This applies to projects where the payment is increased or in the case of a project not reaching bid completion where other fee arrangements are sought. Where a project price is later increase both parties are required to contact Znvj.Com as commission may be due on the difference. We set our commissions at a fair level to enable us to provide these services, therefore closely monitor any abuse.

Providing Contact Information

You are expressly prohibited from making direct contact with another member including but not restricted to providing your e-mail address, ICQ number, phone number, or any other means of contact. Znvj.Com provides message boards for pre-project discussions and planning. Once a project has been won, the two parties are free to contact each other directly.

E-Mail Addresses

After becoming a member, e-mail address are not to be posted on any part of the site. This will be automatically provided by Znvj.Com to the parties whenever a bid is won. The message boards provide the means to communicate and the site notifies the recipient whenever a new message has been posted. This not only applies to e-mail addresses, but includes all methods of communication, including telephone, chat services such as ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger etc and letter.


You may not advertise your website on Znvj.Com. The only URL permissible is one posted as part of a project such as: project description, bid submission or message board. Otherwise the only permissible URL is on your portfolio or résumé page.

http://www.victoryag.org/study_groups.htm Bidding For Work

Projects posted require bids to be for the totality of the project and not on an hourly basis or some kind of abnormal bid. Neither party can request otherwise. The only exception to this is where the buyer has posted a featured project. Placing a low bid to win a contract with the view to force a renegotiation is expressly forbidden. Your account will be terminated and moneys will be forfeited. Expect your details to be circulated.

Featured Projects

Posting a featured project provides among other significant benefits no fees payable by the provider. Featured projects are designed primarily to benefit the small to medium sized project. The no fee bid limit for consultants on featured projects is $2,000. Higher bids may of course be made, but the provider should allow for the 6% fee on any amount over $2000. The additional fee will be charged to your account on bid acceptance. Please ensure your account has sufficient funds to cover all fees.

Withdrawal Payments

Payments will only be made on request in the prescribed way. Note funds in the member’s account must be cleared funds and exceed $25. All payments will be designated in US dollars unless otherwise requested. Overseas transfers will be converted by the bank to the local currency at the prevailing exchange rates, over which we have no control.

Consultants should be reviewed by the project owners on project completion for funds to be released. Note: funds paid by the buyer at project start which is not recommended are subject to these same terms - the consultant must finish the work to the buyer's satisfaction and be reviewed.


Copyright material must not be posted on Znvj.Com includes scripts sold by the author. All that is permitted is illustrative examples and in total these must be not more than 5% of the whole. This is to preserve the copyright of the originator and keep within internationally standards.

Site Content and Information

Membership status confirms that you agree that all content and information contained on Znvj.Com and provided through its affiliate program is the proprietary information of Znvj.Com.
Changes to These Terms of Service

We reserve the right to change these terms of service at any time. We will endeavour to contact you whenever a change is made however it is your responsibility to review these from time to time for changes.

Our Role

The role of Znvj.Com is to facilitate the operation of a virtual marketplace to buyers and consultants. As such, Znvj.Com is not a direct party to the negotiated transactions between the buyer and consultant. We cannot validate the truth, accuracy, quality, legality, or safety of postings made by members. We therefore advise that you carefully assess each aspect of the transaction and claims made before entering into a firm bid/bid acceptance. This is good practice with all types on business transaction whatever the medium used to facilitate such services.

We cannot confirm or verify the qualifications, background, or abilities of users. However buyers rating of consultants provides an indication of quality of work performed on Znvj.Com and may help evaluate bids when undertaking due diligence.

Our liability cannot extend beyond the commission charged as you have complete control over any contract entered into and for any moneys paid over to a consultant.

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